Founded in 2006, we're not a newcomer to the game.

Thriving Designs is a website design, development, graphic design, and search engine optimization firm based in Albany, NY. Founded in May of 2006 by Matthew Phelps, Thriving Designs began with a single client looking for a new website. Since then Thriving Designs has become a fully custom design firm, and now offers social media management, Android/iOS app development, and search engine optimization, on top of the standard web design services.

Thriving Designs was formed out of the need for a company that could create high quality work, while keeping costs low and customer service high. We meet that need by streamlining our workflow, allowing projects to smoothly move from sales to development to production with minimal hiccups. And, as any growing design firm would, we continually work to improve our processes. Starting out as a single person operation, Thriving Designs currently has two full-time team members along with a number of freelancers that work together to meet these goals.

Our Process

Since 2006, we've worked to continually refine our process to move projects through as smoothly as possible, while retaining flexibility for the just in cases.

Stage 1: Sales

This one is obvious: figure out what you are looking for, and figure out how to get it done. Sometimes we find that clients can't afford everything they want, so we take a staged approach, creating a strong foundation that we can easily add additional features to down the road.

Stage 2: Development

This is the fun part: creating the graphics, making the website, and adding the content. Once that is done, we test, and test, and test. Did we mention test? After all this testing, we go to stage 3.

Stage 3: Production

This is the part you look forward to: the launch. At this stage you enjoy your new website and tell your friends, while we sit in the background keeping a close eye on your website, making sure it behaves. If any issues come up, we fix, test, release, and test.


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